Doug_2013_(2)_(640x512) Dr. Doug Jernigan, a second generation "James Herriot" style of veterinarian, coaches humans to create relationships that last. Using a unique program entitled "Your Brain is a Border Collie!", he holds coaching/keynote seminars that blend the newest published brain science and pet analogies with the statistically validated system of human behavior called DISC. These seminars contain knowledge that is easy to learn and quickly applied. It is presented in an environment that helps people learn how to maximize their natural strengths and limit weaknesses in connecting to and working with people for career, family, fellowship and fun! Current clients are as varied as military recruiters, small business owners, personal development, sales and marketing (products to real estate), state/provincial agencies, school guidance counselors, university business classes, chambers of commerce, non-profit personnel, fund-raising groups and veterinary teams. If it has to do with people, these seminars bring about positive relationship changes.

Dr.J grew up in the Flint Hills of Kansas and received his B.S. and D.V.M. degrees from Kansas State University. He practiced small animal medicine and surgery for 35 years in Topeka, Kansas. For "Dr. J", pets and their people are his life. The lessons learned from pets, their people and how they behave are his story.

Barrie Examiner, Ontario, article: http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?archive=true&e=3334523

Dr. J's interest in pets expanded to humans when he realized that pets could see good things in people that he didn't see. In 2006, Dr. J retired from practice to devote his time to coaching humans. He brings audiences this unique message: Applying your pet's view of life and it's strategies for living can take your life and build relationships that last. 

People love their pets and pet analogies energize his presentations. He has spoken to dozens of organizations across North America. Audiences of all types can appreciate and enjoy his unique presentation: "Your Brain is a Border Collie!" A well-trained pet is a joy. Well-trained humans are an asset to themselves and the lives they touch. When we can teach ourselves to 'respond' rather than 'react' to situations in our lives, our stress disappears.

Contact for personal coaching: Dr.J@bordercolliebrain.com

Dr.J Video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/iYSUmKQh3oY

"Free" relationship courses: http://www.bordercolliebrain.com/page_14.html

Affiliates: Lasting Solutions: http://www.lastingsolutionscoaching.com/

Resources: For Your Brain: http://www.lumosity.com/

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Dr. Doug is married to Sondra Jernigan, Ph.D. They are advanced certified human behavior consultants with the DISC system of human behavior analysis. Their certification and membership is with Personality Insights, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia. DISC assessment and coaching seminars indentify a client's genetic 'hard-wired' behavioral strengths and teaches strategies for application. The Drs. Jernigan coach humans to master their people frustrations. These corporate, small business and personal development coaching programs help people to go from friction to function. They enable work or management groups to go from "turf to team" and from the "expected to the excellent"! Recent training has involved areas as diverse as real estate, landscaping, sales and marketing, hotel management, photography, military recruiters, government agencies, veterinary medicine, personal development and human resources.

The Border Collie in the upper left corner of the home page is Skeeter Loy. Skeeter is a working Border Collie in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. (Photo by Mark Hood)
Dr.J's photo is by Diffusion Photographics, Barrie, ON www.diffusionphotographics.com


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